Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fuzto wa Rabbil Ka'bah

Fuzto wa Rabbil Ka'bah (By the Lord of Ka'bah, I have succeeded). This famous and historical statement was uttered by Hadhrat Ali (a.s.), after accursed Ibne Muljam struck the sword dipped in fatal poison on his head while he was in Sajdah during morning prayer. Imam Ali (a.s.) asked him. "Wasn't I, a good Imam for you?" He replied, "I know, that my ultimate destination is Hell fire."

We have asked from different religious scholars and personalities the meaning and short explanation of this sentence 'Fuzto wa Rabbil Ka'bah.' This recording is of Maulana Zaheer Husain saheb (a Student of Business Management Studies, Rizvi College) Imam of Mehfil-e-Panjatan,Mahim, Mumbai. Hope you will give your comments on this video.<<<CLICK to watch the video>>>>

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