Monday, December 15, 2008

Mere George Ko JOOTA Kyun Maara?

Obama asked:
Mere George Ko JOOTA Kyun Maara?

Muntazir Zaidi answered: This is the Right method to say good-bye to such a gREAt personality.

Obama again quired, but, why two shoes.
Muntazir replied: One shoe was useless for me.

This pair of shoe might be a stimulant for a revolution.
This hurling of shoes has united the Arab people.
Also it has united the Muslim Ummah.
Brought smiles on the face of Asians, Africans, Europeans and of course the Russians.

So, what a common man should do?
It is left on them..whatever innovative way they can adapt is left on them for such so-called leader of the so-called Super Power

Or you can send a gift to Muntazir Zaidi.
Adidas or Reebok will come out with BUSH SHOES.

Send your comment to this post with an idea of felicitating George W Bush on his farewell from White House.

1 comment:

S.M.Masoom said...

Thanks to Obama , atlest he asked"Merae george ko jota kyoon mara" We all are Discussing about Bush and shoes but no one asking" Merae Muntazir Zeidi ko release kyoon nahin kertae?
We are like that. That is why others rule on us.