Friday, March 20, 2009

Dua for the Students

Its school/college examination season. The students are nervous. Those who were regular to their school/college and did their homework consistently and revised their lessons are less nervous, but, they want to score high and want to make it in Toppers list.
There are others who had been less careful in their studies. Some study hard but cannot preserve their points or have a weak memory......there is a dua in Mafateehul Jinaan which is put over here. You can take a print out and memorise this short dua. Recite before starting to study your lesson and be regular in reciting it in Qunoot of Namaaz. InshaAllah you will find changes in you. You will have a sharp mind.
Click image to enlarge. Save on your PC or Laptop. Print it and laminate it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kindly add the Roman text of above mentioned dua?
I'm in doubt of second verse. Kindly help me out.
May Allahjee bestow you and every muslim of his/her fulfilment of duas, ameen.
Jazak Allah khairan.
Shi'an Ali as.