Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hijab in Mumbai

One in seven people believe it is acceptable in some circumstances for a man to hit his wife or girlfriend if she is dressed in “sexy or revealing clothes in public”, according to the findings of a survey released....(click to read full survey)

The above article talks about survey done in UK on the 'sexy or revealing clothes in public'.
In India, Mumbai city ranks second after Jammu & Kashmir, where the majority of Muslim women observe proper Hijab in Public. The visitors and tourists to Mumbai observe this practice and admire it. The women here drive vehicles, work in offices, do their job in call centres, attend schools and colleges etc. in proper Hijab. The sales of scarf has grown manifold and is in demand. Though Mumbai is the Centre of Indian Film industry and people all over the world think that it as a FREE city in regard to the women, but they are not aware of the fact, that, the film actresses are safe and comfortable in Hijab when they go shopping on the street. Even in India the people consider Mumbai women to be too liberal and outspoken due to the Bollywood. But, this is not the case. The eves of certain elite pockets of the city may sport revealing and sexy clothes (irrespective of the faith they practice), they are in MINORITY. The incidents of eve-teasing and rapes are low in comparision to other big cities.
Those who think that the western countries are free society, they are not 100% correct. There are people who are against "Sexual Liberalism, but, they are in a MINORITY as per the above survey done in UK.


Anonymous said...

It is our Indian culture to observe purdah (hijab) which is a decent and safe way for any Indian women to leave peacefully without any lewd remark to be passed on her and we Indian people honour this culture as compared to Western culture which has brought women in scanty and revealing clothes to work in offices, and commercial places & markets business , a lowly and inhuman approach .

S.M.Masoom said...

As per Mumbai mirror report, a Muslim girl aged 30 who is a student of BED at All India Khilafat Committee College of Education House, Byculla, was noit alloowed to wear Hijab by the principal, Safia Mukadam during her lectures on ‘Psychology of Learning’.

Aain Jahan said in her class there are 100 students out of which six are males. “I was in Rizvi College, Bandra, and have never faced any problem before,” she added.

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