Saturday, May 23, 2009

Satanic Whisperings

Q. If one gets doubts about religious matters, being thrown at them by the Satan but they cant remove the doubts. How can one fight these doubts ? Is this person destined to go to hell?

A. Satanic whispering is a test that all human beings must go through as far as we are alive in this world, as Satan is our worst enemy. Allah (SWT) has provided us with the Reason (intellect) which if used properly, defeats any doubt. Reason is in complete agreement with the Truth revealed by Allah (SWT) with the prophets. The very feeling of suffering from Satanic whispering is a sign of good persons who know that Satan is their worst enemy. Such person who suffers from Satanic whisperings will not be getting any sin just for that whisperings if they do not listen to Satan and do not let the whispering change their life or thinking. Those who follow Satan and accept his whisperings will be with Satanic people. Creating doubts is very easy even about the very clear facts of life. There are people who have doubts about whether the world is existing or not. There are answers to every doubt and there is no question left with out answer in Real Islam.

Tackling Satanic whisperings can be by asking the sincere scholars about any doubt, to seek their guidance and knowledge, and also by the following:
1- Seeking the help of Allah (SWT) by sincere supplications.
2- Repeating Istighfaar (Astaghfirullah Rabbi Wa Atoobo Elayh) and (Laa Elaaha Illallah) as many times as you wish.
3- Performing long Sojood (prostration), because it makes you nearer to Allah and far from Satan.
4- Reciting Salawaat (Allahumma Salli Ala Mohammad Wa Aali Mohammad) as many times as possible.
5- Reciting Sura Tawheed (Qul Howallahu Ahad) after every Salaat (prayer).

Wassalamu alaikum wr wb
Mohammad al-Musawi

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