Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wahhabis New Tactics to Harass Shia Zaireen in Madina

I was leaving the Prophet's mosque when an Arab came toward me and claimed that he had seen with his own eyes that I had insulted Abu Bakr, the first Caliph by spitting on his grave. I said that I was only passing by the place and had not even cast a look at it. I denied the allegation but the witness, who was originally Syrian, swore upon Allah that I had committed such a thing.

Consequently, they took me away and interrogated me but I insisted that I had not spitted and that the witness was apparently telling lies. They however opened a file against me and took me to a police station beside the mosque. After a few hours, they transferred me to the central police station of Medina. I categorically denied the accusation but they continued to ask me numerous questions. ...read full...

Me'raj - The Night Ascension

Holy Prophet Islam then said:............I thanked Allah only because of this blessing and said to him that this was from the grace of my Lord. Jibra'il said, `The Angel of Death is the most diligent Angel when it comes to carrying out his responsibility.' I asked him, `Does `Izra'il (another name for the Angel of Death) take the soul of anyone who has died or anyone who will die?' Jibra'il replied, `Yes, it is so.'

I then asked the Angel of Death, `Do you see where the people are?' He replied, `Yes. I see then and (I also see) the entire universe which is in front of me.' The Angel of Death continued, `Allah has given me the permission to have complete awareness over all of them. They are to me just like a dirham (coin) in the hand of a person, such that any way he wants to hold the coin, he can (so too, he has control and perception over all of Allah's creations). There is not a single house which I do not visit five times per day. I say to the people of each house, "Do not cry over your deceased because I will continuously come and go from your house, until the time comes when not a single person will remain there."'..........Click for full Read

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Appeal to save an Egyptian anti Wahabi scholar

Shaikh Hasan Shahata (65 years) is an Egyptian religious scholar from Al Azhar Islamic Institute, and he was arrested by the Intelligence Agency in Egypt just because his religious opinions which do not suit the government and go against the Wahabi extreme groups which are supported by Saudi money.
Shaikh Sahata is suffering from sever health deterioration and according to news reached today, he might die in the prison as there is no health care for him at all.
Please write and contact Egyptian mission to demand the immediate release of Shaikh Hasan Shahata. His imprisonment goes against basic Human Rights especially as he is a scholar who must be given his full rights. All organizations who care for Human Rights may be informed and requested for an action to save Shaikh Hasan Shahata.
Waiting to hear from you.

World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League (WABIL)
London Head Office

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wafaat of Hazrat Zainab (a.s.)

15th Rajab is the wafaat of Hazrat Zainab (a.s.), the daughter of Imam Ali (a.s.) we give condolence to Imam Mahdi (a.s.) and to the Muslims of the world.

Short Profile of BIBI Zainab

Name: Zainab

Title: Siddiqa-e-Sughra

Agnomen: Umm-ul-Masaeb

Nicknames: Zahidah (Abstemious), Abidah (Devoted)

Father: I mam Ali Amir-ul-Momineen (A.S.)

Mother: Bibi Fatima-tuz-Zehra

Date of Birth: 5th Jamadiul Awwal, 5th Hijra

Place of Birth: In Medina (Saudi Arabia)

Date of Death: 15 Rajab, 62 Hijra

Lived: 51 years

Place of Death: Damascus (Syria)

Burial: Damascus (Syria)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Qatar Emir Praises Iran's Democracy

Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani said during a meeting in Paris with the city's mayor that Iran's stability was important to the Gulf states and to the West, and that in the three decades since the Islamic Revolution in Iran there had been four presidents, while in other Arab countries there had been no changes of president.

Source: Al-Sharq, Qatar, June 24, 2009

Hujjatul Islam Maulana Sayyid Hasanain Kararvi Addressed Majlis at Rizvi College

On 23rd June 2019, Ma ulana Sayyid Hasanain Rizvi Kararvi addressed the Majlis for the Eisaal-e-Sawaab of marhum Saqib Akhtar Rizvi at R...