Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fasting reduces the effects that desires have on Youths

This is addressed to young men, it may become more essential when there is more temptation and the means and motives for committing evil increase, especially for those who live in societies in which there is a great deal of wanton display and promiscuity.
So they should be keen to do this act of worship in order to protect their chastity and religious commitment. As well as fasting, a person may seek help though praying to Allah to protect his religious commitment and honour, and to make it easy for him to get married, as marriage protects one’s chastity. He may also help himself by remembering the reward in Paradise that Allah has prepared for those who steadfastly obey His commands and guard their chastity, namely al-hoor al-‘iyn.

(Thanks Shaikh Mohammad)

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