Friday, September 11, 2009

Khajoor: The Dates You Eat

Dates contain 80 percent carbohydrates (fructose) along with protein, minerals and vitamins. They have very little fat and no cholesterol. Their nutrients are bio available even to children and the elderly. Let us review some of these nutrients.
Magnesium in the fruit lowers blood pressure; relaxes the muscles, nerves and arteries; helps make bone mass; protects against cancer (lung); and controls hypertension and heartbeat along with its copper content.
Calcium in dates is another muscle, artery, and nerve relaxant; builds bones; prevents osteoporosis; and helps regulate blood pressure.
Potassium from the fruit strengthens the heart muscles; enhances appetite; prevents muscle spasms; lowers blood pressure; improves bone structure; and reduces cancer risk.
Boron in dates builds bone; relieves arthritis; enhances sexual desire; and treats brain cancer.
Phosphorus in them protects teeth and bones and stimulates the reproductive and sexual organs in both males and females.
Selenium in the fruit prevents infections (hospital bacteria); prevents antibiotic resistance; works against cancer; strengthens immunity; reduces joint inflammation; improves mood disorders; normalizes thyroid activity; and enhances fertility.
Sodium, chloride, and potassium contents in the fruit help balance stomach acid.
Iron along with vitamin B2 and copper in dates builds red blood cells; transports oxygen in the blood and muscles; improves vision; provides energy; is important for child bearing years and pregnancies; and eases delivery.
Fluorine in the fruit protects against tooth decay, making dates a good substitute for sweets for children.
Vitamin C in dates is high enough to protect against scurvy; strengthen blood vessel walls; help gum disease and bleeding; and bolster and aid in liver detoxification.
Vitamin A’s availability in the date improves eye and skin dryness, night vision and sexual drive.
Vitamins B1 and B2 respectively treat nervous system disorders and anaemia.
Pectin in dates, like apples and pears, lowers cholesterol to prevent cardiovascular disease.
Fibre is high in dates. It improves digestion and bowel movement and decreases colon cancer risk.

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