Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Programme at Mehfile Panjatan, Mahim

During the holy month of Ramadhan, there is an arrangement of Iftar and dinner at Mehfile Panjatan, Dana Gali, Mahim (west) every year. But, this year a new programme has been introduced between Iftar and Dinner. Maulana Zaheer Hasan Saheb is delivering 15-20 minutes lectures on ethics (akhlaaq) on various topics. For example last week when I visited this Mehfil for Iftar, his topic was Tolerance and Forbearance. He explained beautifully on this subject with the support of historical anecdotes and day to day happenings.
He also brought to the notice to those who wear threads (black or red) attributing it to the zareeh and their love for Ahlul Bayt (a.s.). These threads if wore tightly around the arm and the wrist may prevent the Wuzu water to reach that particular are of the arm will be invalidating the Wuzu, consequently it will also make the Namaaz batil. He appealed to the audience to save their namaaz by loosening that thread.
After the talks of Maulana those present and wore threads, checked and loosened it, thanking Maulana for saving their future namaaz.
At Mehfile Panjatan their will be aamaal of Shabe Qadr on Wednesday, 9th Sept., Friday 11th Sept. and Sunday 13th Sept. from 9.30 pm till Sehri.
For detail one can call Maulana saheb on his cell 9773762043


Mahmad Khoja said...

Salamun Alaikum

My name is mahmad husain. I am new in mumbai and dont know where is shia's masjids. Can u give me addresses of our masjids. Currently I am staying at charkop market , kandivali (W).

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