Tuesday, September 15, 2009


O Allah, indeed Your forgiveness of my sins and Your overlooking my faults, Your pardoning my oppression. Your hiding my ugly deeds and Your forbearing my many wrongs done intentionally or unintentionally tempted me to ask from You what I did not deserve from You which You (still) gave me out of Your Mercy provided me by Your Power and made known to me from Your answers.

So I became habituated to call You trustingly and ask You familiarly neither fearing nor scared but with confidence in You for what I intended Then if there was a delay (in Your answer) I would blame You, due to my ignorance and perhaps the delay was best for me for You know the outcome of all affairs.
I have not seen a more generous master patient with a wretched slave than You are with me

My Lord, You call me and I turn away from You
You show affection to me and I show hatred towards You
You display Your love for me and I do not respond as though I am above You

But this does not prevent You from having mercy on me being good to me and favouring me, through Your Generosity and Nobility so please (continue to) have mercy on your ignorant slave and be kind to him through the excellence of Your Grace.
(a part of doa-e-iftitaah)

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