Saturday, October 3, 2009

Baabul Baqee, A Gate of Masjidun Nabawi facing Jannatul Baqee

This photograph is of Madina. When a pilgrim exits after performing the ziyarat of the zareeh of the holy (pbuhp) he faces Jannatul Baqee standing at this gate. This entrance/exit is named "Baabul Baqee"
On the extreme right of this Baab is "Baabo Jibrael" from which Angel Jibrael sought permission to enter the house of the holy Prophet (pbuhp).
May Allah give us opportunity that we visit this holy shrine cum Masjidun Nabawi. Aameen
I photographed this in the Hajj Season of year 2006. As the Hajj was in December end, I reached Madina from Makka in Jan 2007.
I clicked this photo on the 10th day of Jan.
It looks more beautiful if you save it as your desktop wall paper.

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Unknown said...

Muslims, Stand Up for Justice!

Killing the Innocent is a Terrible Sin and Crime in Islam.

Ya ayyuha alladhina amanu, kunu qawwamina bi al-qist shuhada liLlahi wa law ala anfusikum aw al-walidayn wa al-aqrabin..
“O you, those who have faith, stand up for justice, witnesses to Allah, even if it is against your own souls or your parents and close family.”
This ayat is applicable for all muslims who recite kalemae shahadat.
Now, what about the oppression meted out on innocent daughter of the prophet of Islam ,who is himself is a mercy for this world and witness for all our deeds.
Shahzaadi Fatima Zahra (sa) the only daughter of Rasool Allah(sa) who is the chief of women of the world was so much assaulted & oppressed after Holy Prophet had left this world that she said,
“If the sufferings inflicted on her & she underwent would had befallen on days , it would have become night.”
What tragic & trauma she faced is understood clearly from her complain.
She was not even allowed to cry for her father and was told by peoples of Madina that they are disturbed by her crying.The garden “Fadak” which she inherited from her father was taken away. She was inflicted such an injury by enemies of Ahlebait (as) that her ribs were broken, and the child Mohsin in her womb was also killed.
She had become so weak because of injuries inflicted on her that she had to take support of wooden stick (Asaa) to walk at the age of 18 yrs and she left for heavenly abode just 3 month after her father.
What a good recompense of Ajre risalat was given by ummat to her only daughter and who are also expecting shifat on from her father in Mehshar.
What answer they will give on the Day of Judgement.
Today her tomb is also demolished by those who call themselves true muslims and defender of Islam.

Muslims must think with open mind & clear heart,is this justice .
Today peoples are talking about womens rights and efforts are made to give womens justice.Has ummat done justice with Fatima, who is the Chief of womens & the first to enter jannat among the entire womens of the world.
The house of Ahlebait (as) where Jibraeel (as) used to come often with revelations of Qoran and the house where Rasool Allah used to say Salam and visit often her daughter and grandsons was burnt and does not exists today , neither tomb was allowed to remain above her grave.
It is time to think over and take action to give justice to the oppressed one as we all are witnessing today and get atleast the tomb of Jannatul Baqi reconstructed by whatever kind of efforts we can as per our capacity .

Shuaib Husain.