Sunday, October 4, 2009

Today, 15th Shawwal in Islamic History

Battle of Ohod, 3rd year of Hijri calendar. It occurred a year after the battle of Badr. Abu Sufyan (grand father of accursed Yazeed) came with allies with a huge army to fight Muslims. Abu Sufiyan brought along their women to boost the morale of their armed forces. The battle of Ohod took place on the outskirts of Madina. The mushrikeen were over confident that they will defeat the Muslims. Although the Muslims suffered heavy causalities but in the end they were victorious.
The martyrs were Hamza, the uncle of holy Prophet (pbuhp) and his 70 other ashaab (followers).
In this battle, Hind the grand mother of Yazeed ate the liver of Hadhrat Hamza after he was killed by her black slave.
All the martyrs were buried on the battlefield of Ohod. Every year lacs of Hajis visit their graves and recite ziyarat.

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