Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Mission of Mismanagement

This Indian Hajj Mission office is in Mina Valley. The same old story of our country. The workers are appointed on the basis of influence and not on merit. So, the chaos is obvious. When the appointees do not know how to execute their jobs professionally, then how will they give the proper services to the Hajis. Hajis are on the mercy of the Agents (Moallim). The agent doesn't care about the problems of Hajis. Poor quality drinking water supply, worst sanitation, scarcity of food, insecurity, lack of medicine, no sockets for charging mobiles in the tents, confusing tent addresses, 2 ft x 5.5 ft broad poor quality mattresses, lack of capacity and space in the tents, poor transport service from Arafat to Mina. Improper guidance, etc. None of the Indian Hajj Mission office representative visits these tents for the redressal of the Haji's difficulties. The Hajj Committee of India has no say in Makka and Madina. It is the job of Indian Consulate in Jeddah. The picture is inside view of the tent in Mina. Hajis are packed in a Cattle Class tent.

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