Thursday, December 3, 2009

Slow Internet Connection & Hajj Expenses

Due to weak and a very slow network connection it is very difficult to post. One post takes at least 45 minutes and loading a picture irritates. This has caused interruptions. Suddenly the connection goes off. This has affected the regular blogging from Makkah. But, I have nice collection of the Hajj event which I will continue putting on this blog. InshaAllah.
There are not more than 10 Internet Cafe in this holy city. A minute telephone call to India costs Rs. 26.00. A local call is Rs.6.50 a minute.
The prices are 4 to 5 times high. Three litre petrol costs Rs. 13.00 only but the taxi fare is Rs.65.00 per person for 3-4 kms.
Normal flight from Mumbai to Jeddah and back costs Rs.18,000/- while in Hajj season the airlines charge above Rs.42,000/-
Hotels in Makkah charge Rs. 500-600, while for Hajj they charge upto Rs. 38,000/- per head.
A glass of tea is min Rs.13/- and goes to Rs. 26/- nearby Haram. A simple sandwich costs Rs. 26 t0 Rs. 39/-.
So, only the mustatee survives. Here the marketing golden phrase that the demand brings the cost down is totally reverse. Here the demand shoots the price upwards.

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Anonymous said...

Saudi Government and Saudi people earn millions of dollars during Hajj and Umrah seasons. And the fools believe that the Saudi government serving the haji free of cost. A very good details of this earning is printed in Inquilab(Urdu News Paper of Mumbai)dated 2nd November 2009.


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