Friday, April 16, 2010

Beware of Pizzas

Salam All

I have been thinking of sending this email for quiet a few years but finally decided to send one today.
Famous Pizza Outlets viz. Dominos and Pizza Hut in India are serving Pork Pizza (named as pepperoni pizza ). Many Muslim think that this is beed pepperoni but their website as well as resturant menu clearly states that this is Pork(100%)
I urge people not eat at these outlets as your pizza would be baked in the same oven or may be in the same pan in which a Pork Pizza was baked before.
I know most of you guys might be aware of this and might be avoiding it as well but would you prefer to eat a pizza baked in a same pan which is used to bake PORK Pizza .
Please check and to see it for yourself

Please pass this message on to other muslim and spread the message.

Request for Dua
Majid Syed 

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Salim said...

The pizzas had pork in it? Or was fried in the same pan? Oh my God. We should be very careful in eating out or ordering fast food from an outlet.
O Almighty Allah save us and forgive us.