Friday, April 30, 2010

Juloos of 13th Jamadil Awwal

There are two Rawayats of the shahadat of Hadhrat-e-Zahra (s.a.). First is of 13th Jamidil Awwal and second is 3rd of Jamadis Saani. The later is more authentic and people all over the world observe this date. While the former date is observed by few people. Mumbai, is one of those places where the 13th Jamadi-I and 3rd Jamadi-II both are observed by the Shia community.
There is Khamsa (five) Majalis going on in different Masajid of Mumbai city. In Bandra Khoja Masjid a zakir of Hyderabad is reciting, Last night a Juloos was also from Mehfile-e-Panjatan, Bazar road,  proceeded to Masjid.

Today after Maghrabayn, it will be 3rd Majlis, while in Zaib Palace, Andheri Maulana Hasnain Kararvi is reciting Khamsa.
We pay our condolence to Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.) on these grief ridden days.

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