Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dua For the Month of Rajab

This is the Dua recited after every wajib namaaz in the holy month of Rajab.
O Allah, bless Muhammad and his household.
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
O He from whom I can hope for all goodness And I am safe from His anger at every evil.
O He who gives a lot in exchange of a little.
O He who gives to one who asks Him.
O He who gives to one who does not ask Him and does not know Him,
Out of His affection and mercy.
Give me, for my request is only to You alone, All the good of this world and all the good of the Hereafter.
Keep away from me, for my request is only to You alone, All the evil of this world and the evil of the Hereafter. For indeed it is not diminishing what is given by You. Increase (for) me from Your bounty, O The Generous.

(Then the 6th Imam held his beard in his left hand and gave a movement to the index finger in his right hand saying :)

O The Sublime and The Distinguished,
O The Bountiful and The Magnanimous,
O the Gracious and the Mighty,
Save my grey hairs of the beard from the fire (of Hell).
(Translation from Dua.org)

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