Friday, July 16, 2010

Celebrating Historical Occasions in Islam - Why do Wahabis Oppose?

Muslims attend these celebrations on special occasions with the intention of gaining success and receiving spiritual benefits from the Infallibles (a.s.) and in this way achieve great blessing and rewards by their (a.s.) providence. But since their inception, the Wahhabis are not only bereft of these blessings and rewards, they also want to keep others away from them. Hence, they use a plethora of guile and insinuations to impede these celebrations and thus, actualize the desires of enemies of Islam, perhaps wittingly. For, the enemies of Islam would never want the Muslims to keep their sacred beliefs active and renew their divine pact every year keeping the Islamic spirit within them alive and well. Read Full>>>


Anonymous said...

Bhatak rahey ho to Raah-e- Sawaab bhee dhoondhoo
Andherey hayn to koi aftaab bhee dhoondho
Baney ho matttiii saay mitt jaao gay Musalmano
Jo bachhna haey to koi Buuturaabbhee dhoondhoo

Shuaib Husain

Juzar Noorani said...

gar ba zara nazre mehr buturab kunad
ba asma rawad o kare aaftab kunad

A merciful look by Amirul Mumineen AS would turn a single sand grain into the sun of the sky.