Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grand Exhibition of Books at Iranian Masjid, Mumbai

Muslims from all over the city come every year to this centre of religious activities in Bombay. Every year on 15th of Sha'baan an exhibition is arranged by Association of Imam Mahdi (a.s.) which holds this event. In it the books in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, English, Hindi and Gujrati languages are displayed and explained to the visitors. An audio-visual section shows the videos on different subjects of Mahdaviyyat. There are different sections regarding the life of Imam of Time, Hadhrat Hujjatibnil Hasan. The books and posters on Imam (a.s.) is also on sale. Videos on debate, surood and speeches of revered Islamic scholars are shown to the audience. This exhibition is concluded on Dua-e-Faraj. Mostly the youths are involved in this grand exhibition.


Anonymous said...

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.S.) said:
"O Ali know that the most strangest of the people of Imaan and the greatest of them in certainty are those people who will be in Aakheruzzamaan (the last period of time). They will not meet the Prophet and their Imam (as) will be hidden from them. But they will believe (only) due to black upon white."
(Kamaaluddin vol.1 Pg.288)

Shuaib Husain.

Anonymous said...


The "black upon white" means the writings on paper.(ie Islamic Books)
It means that these people will believe in the Quran and the Sunnat as recorded in the books, even though they may not see their Imam (A.S.).