Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Holy Month of Ramadhan is Racing towards us

The moon crescent is getting thinner and thinner to end Sha’baan and deliver the opportunities of the faithful brothers and sisters to holy Ramadan. However, still Sha’baan is on, and it is to us to do our best to gain further boons and gifts of this bounteous month. Having been said from Imam Ridha (PBUH), the Almighty Allah releases lots of His servants from the fire flames they have created due to their faults just to greet and respect holy Ramadan. Again, fasting the final three days of Sha’baan, and fasting on the last Friday of Sha’baan has been highly advised by Imam Ridha (PBUH). He has asked us to find our own way to get rid of the effects of the faults we have made. For instance, whispering the following dua (which can be used within Qonut section of daily prayers) has been recommended:

اللـّهُمَ اِن لــَم تـَکـُن غـَفـَرتَ لـَنا فیما مـَضی مـِن شـَعبان، فـَاغـفـِرلـَنا فیما بـَقـِیَ مـِنه

Please have a look to your Mafaatih for further information about the final days of Sha’baan.

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