Monday, August 16, 2010

A Muazzen Call for Shelter

In Mumbai city a Muazzen (Azaan Caller) Mr. Mohammad Yunus has requested that he needs urgent help in his village of Azamgarh (UP) in Northern India. The photos below show his plight for the shelter of his family (a wife and 5 daughters). The walls on 3 sides has come down exposing the privacy of the family. No ceiling. They live in a make shift corner in the ruins. The Muazzin, Mr. Yunus gets a salary of equivalent $80 a month. The estimate cost of a simple construction consisting four walls and asbestos sheets is supoosed to be Rs. 50,000/- including labour charges. In case anyone wants to help this poor Mo'min he can verify from the below Olama.
For the verification the Maulana Zaheer Hasan Khan of Mumbai can be contacted on mobile +91 9773762043 and the Maulana Sayyed Javed Husain of his village can be contacted on +91 9695788537.
The address of his Village is:
Mohammad Yunus, Village & Post: Patila Ghauspur,
Head P.O. Bilaryaganj, Distt: Azamgarh (U.P) - Pin: 276121

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