Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Benefits of Reciting Doa Jaushan Kabeer

  • In one of the battles, the holy prophet (pbuh) was wearing a heavy armour, Almighty Allah instructed him to recite this Doa, saying "This doa is a protection for you and your nation."
  • The Amighty is ashamed to punish someone on whose shroud this Doa is written.
  • One who recites this Doa on 1st of the month of Ramadhan, will be blessed to perceive Laylatul Qadr.Almighty Allah will create 70,000 angels to praise and glorify Him and the reward to be registered for the person who recited this Doa.
  • One who recites this Doa Three times in this holy month will be awarded with Paradise and protection from Hell fire.
  • Allah will appoint Two angels to protect him from committing sins for the duration of his life.
  • This Doa has 100 segmentscontains 10 names of the Almighty Allah (exception to segment 55 which has 11 names).
  • t has been mentioned in the book, Balad al Amin and the Misbah of Kafami that Imam Ali ibn Hussein [a] related from his father from his grandfather the Propeht of Allah [p] that this supplication was taught to the Prophet of Allah [p] by Jibra'il to the Prophet [p] during one of the battles.
  • After each segment recite; Glory be to You,there is no god but You. Help! Help! Protect us from the fire, O Lord.

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