Friday, November 26, 2010

Schemes, Concessions and Benefits for Senior Citizens in India

Asghar  bhai, a senior citizen
Mr. Haider Zaidi has sent the below Schemes, Concessions and Benefits for the Senior Citizens of India, the facility which they can avail of. Many senior citizens do not know these facilities and face unnecessary hardships. The first step is to get a valid card of proof of being a senior citizen. Mr. Zaidi guides from step one and help  you to get the document. He can be contacted on 022-23718132.
Government of India has earmarked special benefits and concessions for Senior Citizens of India. Here is a brief compilation of same for your ready reference :
(1) Court cases involving senior citizens
(2) RTI Act (Right to Information Act)
(3) Health Care
(4) Finance & Taxation
(5) Banking
(6) Telecommunications
(7) Travel by Indian Railways
(8) Travel by Airlines
(9) Travel by Roadways (state transport)
(10) Law (Legislations)
(11)  Old Age Homes and Recreation Centres for Senior Citizens

For details of the above schemes one can visit the site.

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