Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today, Day of Arafah, the Day of Repentance

The day of Arafah is the ninth day of Dhul Hijjah and is one of the most sacred days of the Islamic Calendar. On this day Allah invites his servants towards his worship and obedience, and spreads his bounties and blessings.
It is highly recommended to be on this day in Karbala, Iraq. The presence over there carries a great reward. After the downfall of the tyrant Saddam, the pilgrims gather in Karbala on this day and outnumber the Haajis in Arafat at Hajj. There are above 5 million visitors at Karbala pouring from all over the world, while in Makkah there are 2 to 3 millions.
There are different a'maal to be performed on this particular day. Dua of Imam Husain (a.s.) known as Dua Arafah and Dua of Imam Zainul Aabidin (a.s.) are the important Duas to be recited. The theme of these duas is the forgiveness of the sins from Allah. It is the day of repentance.
Imam Zaynul Aabidin (a.s.) says about this great day: "O God, this is the day of Arafah a day which you have made noble, given honor and magnified within it. You have spread your mercy, showed kindness through your pardon, made plentiful your giving and by it you have been gracious towards your servants." (Sahifa as-Sajjadiyyah, Du'a no. 47)
It is also narrated that once Imam saw a man begging from people on the day of Arafah. He said "Woe unto you that on a day like this you are asking from other than God. This is a day when the mercy and grace of Allah reaches (even) the fetus in the womb."
In Mumbai City the congregational A'maal is organised at various places. seeking forgiveness from All-Merciful Almighty Allah.

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