Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rizvi College Azakhana

Next year after the sad demise of marhum Maulana Ghulam Askari sahab, the founder of Tanzeemul Makatib, the majalis  of the Ashra of Moharram (1-10 moharram) was shifted from Rizvi House to Rizvi College, Carter Road, Bandra. Maulana Safi Haider was the zakir after him.
Dr. Akhtar Hasan Rizvi wished that these 10 days of the Moharram should be productive in terms of Azadaari and the matter dispensed from the Mimbar. There were many great zakirs who have adorned the Mimbar of Rizvi College. Marhum Maulana Karrar Husain sahab was one of them. He continued to read majalis for years. Later, when he accepted the invitation from Kuwait, Maulana Tasdeeq Husain Rizvi, Maulana Sharafat Husain marhum, maulana Ali Rizvan sahab and even maulana Zeeshan Haider Zaidi sahab has been the zakir at Rizvi College.
Maulana Sayyed Hasnain Kararvi was for 3 years. Then came maulana Aabid Bilgrami, who belonged to Hyderabad and was an NRI from Kuwait, used easy Urdu words and sentences and and also decorated his majlis with day to day English words and phrases. Azadaars got attracted towards him. The crowd swelled. For 4 consecutive years he has been the zakir.
Now, the audience have started whispering that the matter of the Majlis is repetitive. They want some new topics. The Internet, the FaceBook, the social networking demands solid materials. The youth discuss issues beyond belief. They want to explore social and spiritual issues. They want convincing answers to 'WHYs and HOWs'. If the zakir delivers these issues, then, he has fulfilled his duties and quenches their thirst for knowledge, and if he follows the 'Shut up, I know better than you' approach, then the audience will automatically dwindle. So, let us wait and watch what is in store for next Moharram.
Below video is the of the temporary Azakhana at Rizvi College. There are 2 of them, one in ladies section and another in gents.

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Hasan Imam said...

It is true that maulana abid bilgrami is repeating the matter. he should come up with something new and informative.