Friday, January 14, 2011

125th Year of Anjumane Imamia

There are more than 250 maatami anjumans in the Mumbai city. They organise majalis, shab bedaari, participate in juloos, arrange Mehfile Maqasida, erect water sabeels, ditribute niyaz and tabarruk, etc. One of the anjuman is, Anjumane Imamia.
The membership of this Anjuman has crossed the 300 mark. Majority of them belong to Lucknow of Northern India. They organise 10 majalis every year from 1st Safar to 10th Safar, the second month of the Islamic calendar.
The president of this anjuman is Kausar Zaidi and the secretary is Rizwan sahab. They had been managing the affairs of this anjuman competitively for the last few years.
This anjuman was established 125 years ago. The majalis of Safar is 100 years old. Marhum Taher Jarwali, one of the greatest orater of his time had been one of the most successful zakir. The azadaars would come an hour in advance to hold their places on farshe aza of Babar Ali Imambada (now Zainabia). His sudden and sad demise in Mashhad left the members of Anjuman perplexed.
They invited Agha Ruhi from Lucknow, but, after 3 or 4 majalis he discontinued due to ill health and invited maulana Ghazanfar Abbas to carry the ashra till 10th Safar. This year is the 25th Ashra of the said maulana. Tonight is the 9th majlis and tomorrow will be the last followed by Shab bedaari.
Watch the below video of maulana Ghazanfar Abbas to know more about it.

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