Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shia Anjumans and Mumbai Shab-bedaaris

Last night, Mumbai city witnessed Majalis followed by Nauha and Matam at various places. At Sitaphal wadi it was the annual programme of Aza on the night of Arbaeen. Maulana Aziz Haider was the zakir. Two anjumans did nauha and maatam reciting about 4 nauhas each. Anjuman-e-Aabidya and Anjuman Haidery of Hallaur.
Another venue was Moghal Masjid, where the zakir was from Lucknow. The crowd was spilling out on the road for Maatam.
At Zainabia Imambada more than 50 anjumans enrolled their names for Nauha Khwaani. The zakir at Zainabia was Sadaf Jaunpuri.
At Imambada Haidery, Yacoob Gali, there was no space inside Imambada, the sitting arrangement for azadaars was made in the lane itself.
The Majlis at Imambada Baaqarya started a bit late. The zaakir was Maulana Ahmad Ali Aabidi. They have very nicely decorated the place and were relaying the programme live from Karbala, Iraq on a big screen.
Elsewhere in the city, the Shab-bedaari was held at Kurla, Govandi, Mumbra, Mira Road, Jogeshwari (east), Malad Malony, Andheri, Bandra and other places.

Moghal Masjid
Imambada Baaqarya
Imambada Zainabia
Imambada Haidery

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