Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Arab world in for more revolutions?

 Arab countries might be in for revolutions similar to the one in Tunisia, the results of an opinion poll conducted by Press TV have shown.

Around 54 percent of 1,555 respondents to the online poll believed a revolution may take place in other Arab countries.
Roughly 29 percent of those polled were convinced that the West ostensibly threw its weight behind the revolution in Tunisia, but, in fact, was against it.
More than 17 percent also suggested that the West actually facilitated the revolution.
The poll was carried out from January 18-23.
A former Arab League envoy to the UN said in an interview with Press TV that the Tunisian revolution is inspiring the Arab world, which is worn-out by various dictatorial regimes.
Clovis Maksoud said Tunisia's revolution “is one of the most inspiring events of the Arab world in the contemporary time.”
The revolution “is the prognosis by which many frustrated people in various countries -- suffering dictatorship, poverty, and marginalization, are now being empowered,” said the former ambassador to the United Nations.

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