Sunday, January 9, 2011

Juloos at Bandra West

Last night there was a Juloos-e-Aza in Bandra West . The starting point being Gurunanak Park and ending point Bandra Shia Jame' Masjid, Bazaar Road. Many city Anjumans took part in it and had come in tempos and trucks. The progamme started with a Majlis followed by Bushehri maatam at the Park.
The route of the Juloos was Guru Nanak park, Almeida Park, Rizvi Builder's Bunglow, St. Joseph High School, St. Stanislaus High School, Junction of Chapel Road and Bazaar Road. Th e mourners in black clothes swarmed the Bandra West. The niyaz was served at many points which had sherbat, samosas, tea, coffee, snacks etc.
The nauha reciters were chanting nauhas on the Karbala martyrs. Mohammad Atiq, the Security CEO at Rizvi Builders said," for the many years I have been witnessing  the enthusiasm of azadaars (mourners), but, this year the youths were in the forefront."
Fazal of Vakola has come to attend this juloos inspite of his sickness. Ajaz from Nalla Sopara has come a long way with his family and said that he never missed this occasion since it started.
A year old child was doing maatam in the arms of his father, it was his first year of azadaari. Karbala is an inspiration for all.

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