Sunday, January 16, 2011

Majlis after Namaaz of Zohr

Maulana Qaiser Husain Sahab
A majlis has been organised today after the Zohr prayers at Bandra Shia Jaam'e Masjid. Bazaar Road, Bandra (west) by Association of Imam Mahdi. All are invited. This Majlis is for Gents only.
Last night was the concluding Majlis at the same venue by the zakir Hojjatul Islam Qaiser Husain sahab. He divided his Ashra in two topics. The first 5 majalis were on 'Satanic Tricks of Deception' and remaining majalis on the topic 'The Examples of Love and Obedience', The timings of the majalis was scheduled for after namaaz of Maghrabayn. Bandra Shia Jaam'e Masjid has continuous majalis programme during 1st Moharram to 8th of Rabiul Awwal.

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