Sunday, January 9, 2011

Majlis at Chapel Road, Bandra

Maulana Hasnain Kararvi
Today after leading namaaz of Zohrain at Akhtar Imam's residence Hojjatul Islam Maulana Hasnain Kararvi went on mimbar for the majlis.
He started his talk on Tawheed. Zaat (essence) and Sifaat (attributes) of Allah. He also stressed the point that whatever bounties our Creator has given to us is an amanat (trust) not a milkiyat (property). Our behaviour should be based on these two things. The former one will bring humility in ourselves and the later will develop arrogance. He also hinted on the distribution of sustenance by Almighty Allah. He distributes the rizq (sustenance) as per His wish not on the base of the intelligence of His creation.
Allah has given the best bounty to the mankind and not to His other creations, and that is ikhtiyaar (free will).
After Majlis niyaz (lunch) was served to the azadaars. Daal Gosht, Khichda, Mutton Kadhai with rice and roti were the delicacies.
This majlis is an annual event in the month of Safar. Akhtar Imam (proprietor of News Sangam Decoraters) is very much involved in Mumbai Azadaari and is always on the forefront to serve the Shia community. May Allah increase his taufeeqat.

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