Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Iranian Revolution: The People's Revolution

Celebrations at Islam Gymkhana on 7th Feb.2011. Photo by: Ahmad Rizvi

The hall of Islam Gymkhana was packed with the friends and well wishers of Islamic Republic of Iran. They were from all walks of life, different religions and beloged to different Islamic sects. To sum up it can be said that they were the admirers of the people's revolution.
The celebrations was of 32nd year of Islamic revolution of Iran organised by Kumbharwada Welfare Trust in Association with Iran Culture House. Qazi Mehtab compered it fine. And the speakers after speaker showed their love for revolution and confirmed their faith on Iran.
After the recitation of the holy Qur'an, Naseer Pathan welcomed the guests. Mr. Ali Mohammad Mirzaee, the director of Iran Culture House inaugurated the programme in his unique style.
Sachin Ahir, the Minister for State for Housing and Industries spoke first as he had to leave for another function elsewhere. He said that the people made Islamic Revolution a success after uprooting the Pahelvi regime in Iran. He also reminded the Indo-Iran cultural relation for over four centuries. The current economic ties between both the countries is rock solid.
Hojjatul Islam Sayyed Hasnain Kararvi said that now the revolution of Iran has become a deep rooted tree, none of the so-called powers will be able to rip this out. It was successful because its base was Islam. Many revolutions have come and gone. But, this revolution upstood as its leader was religious and were the followers. The leader and the followers are like a needle and thread. In the early time of revolution nobody ever thought that a third power could come into existence.
The poets abdul Ahad Saaz,Ahmad Wasi and Qasim Imam also praised the revolution. Principal Sohail Lokhandwala shared his thoughts on Imam Khomeini.
A very motivating and emotional speech was of Kumar Ketkar who is the editor of famous Marathi daily. "Loksatta." He shared his past during the begining of the revolution. He was a journalist to "Economics Times" then, he wrote against the monarchy regime and supported the people's revolution. He added that the revolution come and go,but, this revolution has stayed for 32 years and still growing.
He pointed towards the misconceptions against Iran in the media, and the Indian media was itself one of the contributer to it. He emphasized that Islamic revolution doesn't mean that it is against other religions, but, it is against the people's enemy. He also pointed towards the ongoing uprising in Egypt and other Arab countries. Its is the result of the imperialist and colonialist policies of the so-called big powers and the capitalism.
Two books were also released one "Rustom-o-Fairdausi ki Sarzameen" and "The Valley of Love - Mashhad".
The Consulate General ended the function with his wise thoughts and words that all these things will only be successful by Justice, he reminded that Shia Faith has Justice as its one of the basic pillar. The justice has been embedded in the intuition of man by its Creator, and, we are waiting for the coming of Imam Mahdi (a.s.) that he fills the earth with Justice and Equality.


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Another vain initiative to promote Ittehad bainal Muslemeen !!