Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mumbai Muslims Celebrate the Birth of the Holy Prophet (s.a.)

Photo by: Shabab Aalam
Today is 12th Rabiul Awwal, as per the Ahle Sunnat, the birth and the demise occured on the same day. For this reason in India and Pakistan this day is known as "Baara Wafat."
This day was downplayed by the Wahhabis for some years and they refrained the Muslims from celebrating the birthday of the holy Pophet (s.a.), but, as the funding from Saudi Arabia  dried up they are mere spectators for the grand celebrations all over the country.
Mumbai city is witnessing more and more involvements of Muslim youths in the celebration. Every nook and corner of the city is decorated. There are beautiful stages put up on every street. Loudspeakers blaring Na't shareef to greet the approaching procession irrespective of sects (except Wahhabis). At Bhindi Bazaar square in the old city, a huge stage is  erected where Shia Olama gather to greet the procession.
After Zohr, a procession starts from Khilafat House, Byculla and ends up late night after passing through major squares of the city. Slogans like Naarae Takbir, Naarae Risalat and Naarae Haidery are echoed by the crowd in trucks and lorries.
Tonight, is the night of celebrations for the Muslims and their love for the holy Prophet, Hadhrat Mohammad Mustafa (s.a.), the mercy for the Universes.

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