Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UAE: Next for Middle East political unrest?

The idea that the UAE could see any political upheaval seems, if anything, more unlikely after the unrest elsewhere in the region.
Hotels in Dubai are rumoured to be seeing increased levels of business as financial professionals from Bahrain and tourists, who may have otherwise visited Egypt, divert to the emirate.
What's more, while the Bahrain Financial Harbour resembles ghost town – not least because banks like Standard Chartered and HSBC lifted staff out of the kingdom – the DIFC has a distinctly more bustling feel to it and headhunters are rubbing their hands as key bankers temporarily relocated to Dubai ponder a permanent move.
But is trouble in the UAE really beyond the realms of possibility? David Butter, regional director for Middle East and North Africa at the Economist Intelligence Unit, tells us that "it's not outlandish that there could be trouble in the UAE", but that the "idea would of course be laughed out of court".
“You’ve got the presence of Emirati angst: the feeling that you’re not doing as well as others and did we really ask for our country to look like this?,” he says. (full story)

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Protest in Mumbai for Bahrain Human Rights

In Florida, Wayne Sapp set fire to a copy of Holy Qur'an

Hindustan Times
Mumbai, March 24, 2011
Even as the city’s Muslim community refrained from reacting to the burning of a copy of the Quran on Sunday by a pastor in Florida, Catholic organisations came forth with strong statements of condemnation.
“The Indian Christian community unanimously condemns this irrational action. It is imperative for the US to take stern action against it,” said Abraham Mathai, president of the Indian Christian Voice and vice-chairman of the State Minorities Commission.  On March 20, Pastor Wayne Sapp set fire to a copy of the Quran. In July 2010, another pastor, Terry Jones, had threatened to burn a copy of the holy book on the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attack.
City-based Muslim priest Maulana Mehmood Daryabadi said. “We have been pained and are talking to the community to remain calm.”

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rally in Mumbai Supporting People of Bahrain and Yemen

Today afternoon there was a huge gathering of protesters at Azad Maidan, south of Mumbai City. The Mumbaiites held placards condemning the violence on peaceful protesters by the Bahraini and Yemeni regimes.
People have gathered in great numbers. They came to show solidarity to the oppressed ones of Bahrain and Yemen. They were from different part of the cities of Mumbai and Thane. According to the sources the crowd was over 10,000. A group of Bahraini students held a huge flag of their country and shouted slogans against the tyrant ruler who has been brutally killing the innocent, peaceful and unarmed protesters.
On the stage, speaker after speaker came on the microphone and condemned the atrocities committed by oppressors and dictators of the gulf region.
The president of Zainabia Islamic Centre, Hujjatol Islam Maulana Sayed Hasnain Kararvi described the attitude of the West deplorable and of double standard. In one country they are against the ruler and on other hand they support another tyrant.
Maulana Zaki Noori also supported the demand of the people of Yemen and Bahrain of equality and justice. 

Wow! What a Logic

All Set for the Protest at Azad Maidan, Mumbai

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mumbai Muslims! Are You Ready for Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the 25th April 2011, after Friday Prayers the Muslims of Mumbai gather at Azad Maidan near Victoria Terminus Rly. Station now known as Shivaji Chatrapati Maharaj Terminus. The Muslims will come from all over Mumbai to protests against the atrocities by the Arab dictators towards the fellow brethren.
The upheaval in Libya, Yemen, Morroco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Oman and Bahrain has perplexed the dictators and puppets of the West. They have nervously used all kinds of tyranny they could do to quell this uprising. Specially in Bahrain, where the human right is violated to the peaceful protesters.
You are requested to be there by 3.00 PM to show the solidarity to the victims of the unjust rulers.

The Puppet of the Puppet

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From Bahrain

Another confidential source:  "Here's a compilation of videos, photos and news pieces on the events in Bahrain. Will send more as they come in. 
Please spread the word. 
Pro-government thugs attack nurses at the university of Bahrain while mingling with riot police. They can be heard trashing the building (whereas the state television claims the protesters did it). When one of them attacks the nurses, he says “قاعدة اتعالجهم؟” or “she’s treating them?”
Two videos: 1) thugs inside the university; 2) thugs entering the university, freely mingling with cops. When spotted, the cameraman was shot at by the cops and attacked by a thug   14/3/2011 
Video of police using live rounds
Same incident from a different angle:  
A paper allegedly confiscated from a thug. it lists shi'a villages and block numbers. It has the Ministry of Interior logo on the top. 
Official statement from the left-leaning National Democratic Action Society (Waad) about its headquarters being trashed by thugs 
Thugs caught  14/3/2011 
Costa in Riffa trashed by thugs 14/3/2011 
Bahrain army meets US Fifth Fleet Commander on the same day Saudi troops entered the country: 
Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) stops exporting oil due to general strike
picture of man shot in the head 15/3/2011
pro-gov thugs protected by riot police 15/3/2011 
protesters surround Saudi embassy 15/3/2011 
Thugs attack opposition-friendly Al Wasat newspaper 
Amnesty International's condemnation of state violence 
Amnesty: Bahraini human rights activists being threatened with death:
(Angry Arab)

Even Youtube has Become a Party to Tyrants in Bahrain

The video-sharing website YouTube has removed a video showing Saudi Arabian troops attacking peaceful Bahraini protesters demanding political reform. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Exhibition in Mumbai on Chogha Zanbil

Chogha-Zanbil is one of the Archeological sites in South-West Iran, in the province of Khuzistan. It was discovered by a French Archeologist, Jacques Jean-Marie de Morgan (1857-1924). This city dates back to 1250 B.C.by the king Untash-Napirisha after the war with Assyrian king. Its original name was Dur Untash, which means 'town of Untash', but it is unlikely that many people, besides priests and servants, ever lived there.
The complex is protected by three concentric walls which define the main areas of the 'town'. The inner area is wholly taken up with a great ziggurat dedicated to the main god, which was built over an earlier square temple with storage rooms also built by Untash-Napirisha. The middle area holds eleven temples for lesser gods. It is believed that twenty-two temples were originally planned, but the king died before they could be finished, and his successors discontinued the building work. In the outer area are royal palaces, a funerary palace containing five subterranean royal tombs.
This city is constructed by bricks only. There is no use of wood or metal. The young archeologist Seyed Mahdi Razavian, held an exhibition of photographs and replicas of artifacts from 2nd to 4th March 2011, at Iran Culture House, Mumbai. He liked India and its culture and was impressed by Mumbai and Pune cities. Below is the video of a short talk of him.

The Wahhabi Shirk

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Electronic Media Boomerang on Western Propoganda

 The Media, either Print or Electronic has boomeranged on the western countries. They were used for propaganda and not for the information. The golden era of their monopoly over media has come to an end. The secretary Hillary Clinton had to concede this truth to the world that American CNN and British BBC are far behind from other channels of the world. Aljazeera of Qatar, Russia Today of Russia and Press TV of Iran have pushed them far behind.
These three can be watched live on internet.
1. Aljazeera English
2. Russia Today
3. PressTv - Watch Live

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New World Order

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Iran and India need to help spread justice in the world as the duo share humane perspectives on international affairs.
“Currently, the formation of a new world order is of prime importance and it is upon the independent countries to prevent the same old oppressive order from insinuating itself into a new form,” the website of the Iranian president's office quoted him as saying in a meeting with India's National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon in Tehran on Monday.
Ahmadinejad underlined the role of Iran's and India's cultural background and said the issue of culture will significantly contribute to the new world order.
The Iranian chief executive also called for further cooperation between Tehran and New Delhi.
For his part, the Indian official lauded his country's relations with the Islamic Republic and emphasized India's willingness "to establish all-out strategic relations with Iran.”
Iran is India's second-largest oil supplier after Saudi Arabia, with New Delhi importing 12 million barrels of Iranian crude on a monthly basis.
Trade volume between Iran and India reached almost $13 billion in 2007 after business between the two countries jumped by 80 percent.
India imported 21.3 million tons of crude oil from Iran from March 21, 2009 to March 21, 2010. (Source: PressTV)

Hujjatul Islam Maulana Sayyid Hasanain Kararvi Addressed Majlis at Rizvi College

On 23rd June 2019, Ma ulana Sayyid Hasanain Rizvi Kararvi addressed the Majlis for the Eisaal-e-Sawaab of marhum Saqib Akhtar Rizvi at R...