Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From Bahrain

Another confidential source:  "Here's a compilation of videos, photos and news pieces on the events in Bahrain. Will send more as they come in. 
Please spread the word. 
Pro-government thugs attack nurses at the university of Bahrain while mingling with riot police. They can be heard trashing the building (whereas the state television claims the protesters did it). When one of them attacks the nurses, he says “قاعدة اتعالجهم؟” or “she’s treating them?”
Two videos: 1) thugs inside the university; 2) thugs entering the university, freely mingling with cops. When spotted, the cameraman was shot at by the cops and attacked by a thug   14/3/2011 
Video of police using live rounds
Same incident from a different angle:  
A paper allegedly confiscated from a thug. it lists shi'a villages and block numbers. It has the Ministry of Interior logo on the top. 
Official statement from the left-leaning National Democratic Action Society (Waad) about its headquarters being trashed by thugs 
Thugs caught  14/3/2011 
Costa in Riffa trashed by thugs 14/3/2011 
Bahrain army meets US Fifth Fleet Commander on the same day Saudi troops entered the country: 
Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) stops exporting oil due to general strike
picture of man shot in the head 15/3/2011
pro-gov thugs protected by riot police 15/3/2011 
protesters surround Saudi embassy 15/3/2011 
Thugs attack opposition-friendly Al Wasat newspaper 
Amnesty International's condemnation of state violence 
Amnesty: Bahraini human rights activists being threatened with death:
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