Friday, March 25, 2011

Rally in Mumbai Supporting People of Bahrain and Yemen

Today afternoon there was a huge gathering of protesters at Azad Maidan, south of Mumbai City. The Mumbaiites held placards condemning the violence on peaceful protesters by the Bahraini and Yemeni regimes.
People have gathered in great numbers. They came to show solidarity to the oppressed ones of Bahrain and Yemen. They were from different part of the cities of Mumbai and Thane. According to the sources the crowd was over 10,000. A group of Bahraini students held a huge flag of their country and shouted slogans against the tyrant ruler who has been brutally killing the innocent, peaceful and unarmed protesters.
On the stage, speaker after speaker came on the microphone and condemned the atrocities committed by oppressors and dictators of the gulf region.
The president of Zainabia Islamic Centre, Hujjatol Islam Maulana Sayed Hasnain Kararvi described the attitude of the West deplorable and of double standard. In one country they are against the ruler and on other hand they support another tyrant.
Maulana Zaki Noori also supported the demand of the people of Yemen and Bahrain of equality and justice. 

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