Thursday, April 21, 2011

In Damascus

The situation in Syria is tense. The agents of US-Israel-Saudia are trying to destabilize the country. Spreading arson and attacking innocent is the way of their protest. The Wahhabis in south Syria are daily spreading violence. The International media is playing the same secterian card of Sunni Shia divide. Minority and Majority theory. The Arabic language channels are divided. But, lots of them are covering Bahrain rulers atrocities.
The photographs of the holy shrines could not be uploaded due to the slow speed of the net. InshaAllah it will be possible in Iraq.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Begining of the Ziyarat Tour

Today we were supposed to fly to Damascus via Riyadh. But, the hailstorm and stone raining in Saudi Arabia has upset the schedule.
Hoping to reach Sayyeda Zainab (s.a.)'s shrine and pay our tribute to the brave sister of Hadhrat Imam Husain (a.s.), the fiery speaker at the court of Yazid, the accursed. The brave get inspiration from her stand against baatil (evil) and injustice. She was the true champion of the Freedom of Speech.
Remembering at the shrine, the victims of the tyrant regime of Bahrain.
InshaAllah. This will be the first lap of ziyarat itinerary. May Allah accepts this from us.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Egyptian Declares Himself the 'Mahdi' at Holy Ka'ba

MAKKAH: Muslim faithful who had come to perform Asr prayer at the Grand Mosque in Makkah were shocked when a man snatched the microphone and declared he was the Mahdi, the prophesied redeemer of Islam who is expected to come prior to the Day of Resurrection.
According to eyewitnesses, the imam has just started the prayer when the man grabbed the microphone and made his announcement. Security officers inside the mosque quickly arrested the man, who was said to be an Egyptian national in his 30s.
Security officers took the man to the police station at the mosque’s premises for investigation.
Police deduced that the man was suffering from mental problems. (Arab News)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mumbai's Support to Bahrainis

After observing the incidents in Bahrain of the brutality of the security forces towards unarmed protesters, every sane person is disturbed and want to be the voice against the oppressors. Since the Saudi army's invasion in Bahrain, the atrocities on the Bahrainis have increased manifold. The pictures on the Internet, Youtube, Twitter and different web news services have brought these inhuman behaviour of the tyrants to the fore.
Though, the media of GCC (Gulf Co-operational Council consisting 6 countries) has tried hard and is still trying to blackout the news coming out from Bahrain. Aljazeera channel which was considered to be a free media uptil now (clandestinely its an American supported and programmed channel) has totally turned a blind eye towards Bahrain. It is just stationed in Libya and covering the news providing a little evidence and repeating few video clips of wars over there. For Aljazeera, Bahrain protests for democracy doesn't exisits.
Many believers ask that what they should do at this moment when the human rights of the Bahrainis are trampled. Some have sent cables, emails, letters of protest to Bahraini Embassy and Consulates. Others gathered at Azad maidan to protest along with the Bahrain students, manifesting their solidarity to them.
But, a group of believers of South Mumbai has gathered (40) on last Sunday and recited Dua-e-Alawi-eMisri and Dua-e-Tawassul and sought divine intervention for the Bahraini problem.
May Allah accept their prayers. Aameen.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Greetings to All on the Birth Anniversary of Hadhrat Zainab (a.s.)

Today is 5th Jamaadil Awwal, the birth anniversary of Hadhrat Zainab (a.s.), called as Sayyda Zainab. Sayyida Zainab (sa) is the elder daughter of Imam Ali (as) and Hazrat Fatima Zahra (sa), and eldest granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and Ummul Momineen Hazrat Khadijah (sa). She was the third child of the family i.e. she was born after Imam Hussain (as). She is the sister of Imam Hasan (as) and Imam Hussain (as), Sayyid Shabab ul Jannah. Her younger sister is Hazrat Umm-e-Kulsoom (sa).
Fatima (AS) and Ali (AS) did not name their child until a few days after her birth, for they awaited the Prophet's return from a journey so that he could propose the name.
When finally the baby girl was brought before him he held her in his lap and kissed her. The Angel Jibra'il came to him and conveyed the name that was to be hers, and then he began to weep. The Prophet (PBUH&HF) asked why Jibra'il wept and he answered,
"O Prophet of Allah. From early on in life this girl will remain entangled in tribulations and trials in this world. First she will weep over your separation (from this world); thereafter she will bemoan the loss of her mother, then her father, and then her brother Hasan. After all this she will be confronted with the trials of the land of Karbala and the tribulations of that lonely desert, as a result of which her hair will turn grey and her back will be bent."  Read More
 Ziarat of Hadhrat Zainab:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bahrain: The Island of Fear

Pictures sent by a human rights activist show police from Bahrain's Interior Ministry, and others in plainclothes, their faces hidden by balaclavas.
Eyewitnesses, some of them crying, described a scene that one said "was like watching a horror film."
In recent weeks, the government has cracked down on doctors, bloggers and opposition activists - some of whom have simply "disappeared", according to reports from family, friends and rights groups.
It is difficult to verify the reports, as journalists are not being allowed to report freely from the tiny Gulf kingdom that has been shaken by a wave of pro-democracy protests since mid-February.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bahrain Uprising for Democracy

Bahrain Opposition vs. State-Sponsored Terrorism

Saturday, April 2, 2011

If You Protest......... We Will Kill You

The Bahraini government is censoring the media and spinning false stories in its favor, the person claimed. The media reported protesters have Iranian connections. "The government spun the story to accuse protestors they are Iranian agents in Bahrain, although…no evidence exists."
Television talk show hosts have called the protestors violent traitors. Kuwait offered aid to Bahrain for those injured in the unrest, but its government refused. 
Additionally, social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter have been slowed down, and YouTube videos prevented from being uploaded.  Syria and Libya are receiving more coverage than Bahrain, the person says.  "It doesn't mean that our struggle for democracy and good government can be ignored. We need to freeze the assets of the royal family." 
The source said protests against the government began in August of last year and were confined to the villages, but in February they escalated to middle class and urban populations. "The government is very scared of urban areas, middle class, not just lower income areas. We have an unequal small minority… extremely wealthy," the person said. "People are told if you protest, we are going to kill you." Read Full Story

Friday, April 1, 2011

BAHRAIN: Crackdown Continues

The New York-based advocacy group Human Rights Watch released a report on Wednesday in which it accused Bahraini security forces of beating and detaining wounded protesters, and even of denying some live-saving treatment.
"Since the Bahraini Defense Force (BDF) took over the country's largest public medical facility on March 16, 2011, security and military forces have sought out and threatened, beaten and detained patients injured by teargas, rubber bullets, birdshot pellets, and live ammunition," the report said. "These patients also have been removed from hospitals or forcibly transferred to other medical facilities, often against medical advice." full story

Salaat (Namaaz) Time Table for the Month of April

source: Jaffery Welfare Trust

Islamic Calendar for April 2011

Some Pics of the Destruction after the Fire

These pics are of a huge fire at Gharib Nagar, Bandra (east) on 5th March 2011. There was no loss of life, but, all the belongings of the dwellers were gutted by the fire and destroyed. the pictures say it all.

Hujjatul Islam Maulana Sayyid Hasanain Kararvi Addressed Majlis at Rizvi College

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