Saturday, April 2, 2011

If You Protest......... We Will Kill You

The Bahraini government is censoring the media and spinning false stories in its favor, the person claimed. The media reported protesters have Iranian connections. "The government spun the story to accuse protestors they are Iranian agents in Bahrain, although…no evidence exists."
Television talk show hosts have called the protestors violent traitors. Kuwait offered aid to Bahrain for those injured in the unrest, but its government refused. 
Additionally, social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter have been slowed down, and YouTube videos prevented from being uploaded.  Syria and Libya are receiving more coverage than Bahrain, the person says.  "It doesn't mean that our struggle for democracy and good government can be ignored. We need to freeze the assets of the royal family." 
The source said protests against the government began in August of last year and were confined to the villages, but in February they escalated to middle class and urban populations. "The government is very scared of urban areas, middle class, not just lower income areas. We have an unequal small minority… extremely wealthy," the person said. "People are told if you protest, we are going to kill you." Read Full Story

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