Thursday, June 30, 2011

27th Rajab: Divine Position of the Holy Prophet

On Rajab 27, on the Hera Mountain, the honest Gabriel was sent to Mohammed ( SW) and addressed him as  "The messenger of God". Since then the Holy Prophet ( SW) on his way home ,found out that every thing would adore him saying : " Greetings would be upon Thee  the prophet of God". The day was marked with glory, light and happiness Mohammad (SW) has come to embrace the humanity with pure religious kindness. He is going to link the deteriorated lives of people with their pure innate disposition and recall the divine message to the terrestrials. Due to his arrival all biased ideas and disunity were vanished. Read more
In the sub-continent of India and Pakistan the believers celebrate this day differently. They prepare food and sweet dishes, give nazr on it and invite relatives and friends to their homes to relish it.

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