Friday, June 3, 2011

Get Ready for the Month of Rajab

Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.A) said:
"...Know that if a faithful person fasts (in month of Rajab) seeking reward from Allāh he has gained lots of pleasure of Allāh  The fast of that person would end the anger of Allāh upon him; a door of Hell would be closed for him. The reward of this fast with pure intention is better than giving an earth filled with gold as charity. No object in this world can make his reward complete except good deeds. As soon as night falls, Allāh would fulfill his ten wishes. If he prays for worldly life his prayers would be accepted. One who prays for His friends, lovers and chosen people, Allāh would accept his prayers..."
[Reference: Sawaabul A’amaal & Iqaabul A’amaal, Page 85- 86 ]
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1- Merits of Rajab
2- Audio of Dua after every waajib Salaat in the month of Rajab

Important Events in this holy Month
1st – Birth of Imam Mohammad Baqir(a.s.) – the 5th Holy Imam  (57 A.H.)
2nd or 5th – Birth of Imam Ali Naqi al Hadi(a.s.) – the 10th Holy Imam  (214 A.H.)
3rd – Martyrdom of Imam Ali Naqi al Hadi(a.s.) – the 10th Holy Imam  (254 A.H.)
10th – Birth of Imam Mohammad Taqi al Jawwad(a.s.) – the 9th Holy Imam  (195 A.H.)
12th – Death of Hazrat Abbas ibne Abdul Muttalib(a.s.) – uncle of Prophet Mohammad(sawaw)
13th – Birth of Imam Ali(a.s.) – the 1st Holy Imam  (30 Aamul Feel)
13th, 14th, 15th – Ayyam e Bayd – the bright days
15th – Death of Hazrat Zainab binte Ali(a.s.) – (62 A.H.)
20th – Birth of Hazrat Sakina bint al Hussain(a.s.) – (57 A.H.)
24th – Battle of Khaibar – (7 A.H.)
25th – Martyrdom of Imam MoosaeKazim(a.s.) – the 7th Holy Imam  (183 A.H.)
27th – Be'sat  of Prophet Muhammad (sawaw).
28th – Start of journey of Imam Husain(a.s.) towards Karbala – (60 A.H.)
29th – Battle of Tabuk – (9 A.H.)

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