Monday, July 18, 2011

15th Sha'baan: Day of the Oppressed

Books Exhibition at Moghul Masjid on 17th July 2011
As per the Islamic Hijri calender, today is the 1177th birthday of Hadhrat Imam Mahdi (atfs). It is celebrated all over the world. People are awake the whole night and perform Ebadat (supplications), remember the departed souls, prepare sweet dishes, attend poetic functions, visit graveyards, celebrate and remember Imam of the time, Hadhrat Hujjat ibnil Hasan al Mahdi (may Allah hastens his re-appearance).
The innate nature of man has been embedded for the want of saviour who can pull him off during the time of disturbances and perils and finally restores his dignity. The man has always been in the state of hope, that there is someone who can put to an end his calamities brought to them by fellow humans, who for the hunger of power to rule always tried to exploit all the means of oppression and deceit.
The prophets and messengers were the deputy of Allah on the earth and they had been sent for this great cause. They stood firm against the oppressors and tyrants and never compromised on their beliefs and divine message. They have guided their nation towards God and rescued them from the clutches of despots and unjust rulers.
One Lac twenty four thousand prophets from Adam to Hadhrat Mohammad (sawaw). They all were to guide the mankind towards the path of Allah, the Truth. The humility and humbleness was the required criteria to tread the path of salvation. The arrogance was never tolerated to achieve the divine Truth, in fact it spoilt the accomplishments. The people were tested and tried after they were guided on this divine course. Those who shed the love of this material world were successful and those who were deceived by the glitter of this world and allured by it had to pay with their eternal place in Paradise.
The last and final representative of Almighty Allah, Hadhrat Imam Mahdi (atfs), is calling to those who wish to reserve the promised abode in the Heaven, to get ready to help him to implement the divine promise of getting rid from Injustice and tyranny from the face of the earth. And the pre-requisite for this enrollment is to transform ones self and to implement J U S T I C E on himself and his family, then, only he will be accepted to be the part of the group of helpers of Imam (a.s.).

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