Friday, August 26, 2011

Seminar on "Day of Qods" at Zainabia

Maulana Meraj explaining Qods Day  
A seminar was held last night on "What is Qods?" at Zainabia, Mumbai. Wherein Olama and scholars put their view on the subject.
The seminar commenced with the recitation of holy Qur'an by Salman. The anchor (naazim) of the programme was Maulana Zaheer Abbas Rizvi, who very nicely guided the programme with a beautiful conclusion and gave facts and figures on the Palestine issue.
Maulana Meraj Sahab gave a new dimension to the whole concept of the Arab-Israel conflict and was very optimistic that soon a victory is in store for the Palestinians and the Isarel is going to persih, as the Arab people have awakened. He also gave the importance of Masjid Aqsa, the first Qibla of the Muslims.
Javed Rizvi, the trustee of Zainabia Trust also read his paper and gave a brief history of the occupation of Palestine by the Zionists. He said that it is the hypocrisy of the Arab rulers that has dragged this occupation for more than 60 years. He also condemned America for its unconditional support to Israel and is a partner in the crime against humanity, atrocities on Palestinian children and women by Israel.
Mashhud Danapuri, a poet and a thinker shared his poem on the issue.
Hujjatol Islam Maulana Sayyed Hasnain Kararvi explained the movement of Qods and its origin by Ayatullah Imam Khomeini (r.a.) after the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979. It was his call for the liberation of Palestine, and reserving the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadhan as the "Day of Qods."
Maulana Zaheer Abbas sahab concluded by reminding that the media has always projected the golden dome of the rock of Jerusalem and not the photo of the Aqsa Masjid to misguide the International Community. He also recounted the first protest rally on Qods that was arranged by marhum Ghulam Hasnain Kararvi at Jhoola Maidan, Madanpura in south Bombay.
After the seminar certain youths confessed that uptil now they were unaware of this grave situation of the Qods, but, from the year next they will arranged the protests in the mass scale.

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