Monday, November 28, 2011

Moharram Majalis at Mehfil-e-Panjatan

From 1st of the Moharram till Shaam-e-Ghareebaan on 10th Moharram as Ashra (10 Majalis) is held at Mahim west. It is at Mehfil-e-Panjatan, Dana Gali, off Cadell Road, near Pakeezah Bakery.
The timing is after namaaz of Maghrabayn and is recited by Maulana Me'raaj Mahdi Rizvi (Qom).
All are invited.
For detail contact on telephone no. 022-24473196

Moharram Majalis at Abu Mohammad Trust

From 1st Moharram to 9th a series of Majalis starting at 8.00 AM at the residence of Janab Syed Haider Zaidi the managing trustee of Syed Aboo Mohammad Trust at E.R. Road, Mumbai-400003.
These majalis are held since more than 70 years.
The Zakir, Maulana Husain Khan sahab is giving beautiful material to the audience.
For detail contact on 23718132.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Moharram Majalis at Antop Hill

 Majalis of Moharram at Imambada Anjumane Tableeghe Husaini, Vijay Nagar, near Karbala Masjid, Antop Hill.
Irfanbhai is a motivating force and managing this Ashra.
Majlis starts at 9.30 AM. Zakir is Maulana Zeeshan Haider Zaidi.
Nearly 50 momineens gather at this Imambada.
For details Asgharbhai can be contacted on 9867417232

Moharram Majalis at Rizvi College

Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Moon of Moharram 1433 A.H. has been Sighted

The new moon of the month of Moharram 1433 A.H. has been sighted in different cities of India.
Imam Husain (as), has said: 
"I am the martyr of tears, 
no man of faith remembers me but that he weeps."

Importance of Nauha and Marsiya on Imam Husain:
On another occasion, the poet Ja'far ibne Iffaan recited to our Imam al-Sadiq a poem on the tragedy of Kerbala. The Imam began to weep uncontrollably. He then addressed the poet in the following terms: 
"O Iffaan, do not think that it is only those whom you can see here are listening to your poetry. In fact Allah's closest angels are present here at this majlis and they are all listening to your recitation and they too lament and weep. May Allah bless you for what you have recited. He will, inshallah, reward you with paradise for your efforts on our behalf."

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fateha Majlis of Marhum Akhtar Imam at Zainabia

The majlis for the sawaab of marhum Akhtar Imam is at Zainabia Imambada on Thursday, 24th November. 11.00 am Qur'an Khaani and 12.00 noon majlis by Maulana Zaheer Abbas Rizvi sb.
All are invited.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sad and Disturbing News

Marhum Akhtar Imam
Philanthropist and owner of New Sangam Decoraters, Janab Akhtar Imam passed away today morning at 7.00 AM. His burial will take place at Rehmatabad at 2.00 PM.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Crumbling of the Super Power

US government's debt load topped the $15 trillion mark on Thursday (November 17), as leaders continued to debate over how to cut spending.

According to figures released by the US Treasury, the burden of federal borrowing on American taxpayers touched $15,033,607,255,920.32 on Wednesday, up $55.8 billion from Tuesday.

Economists said this was a very unhealthy state of US finances. The debt, they said, is approximately equal to 99 per cent of the size of the country's economy.

US debt has steadily climbed since August, when Congress agreed to raise the country's official debt ceiling from the then-$14.3 trillion to $15.194 trillion. FULL STORY

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eid-e-Ghadeer Mubarak

Today, 18th Zilhajj Day of Ghadeer when holy Prophet (saawaw) declared Ali as his succesor while returning to Madina after performing his last Hajj 1421 years back.

Ghadeer Function at Zainabia

There was a function at Zainabia Imambada, Mumbai on Saturday 12th November from 9.00 PM onward. Wherein outstation and local poets paid their tributes on the occasion of Ghadeer.
Hojjatul Islam Maulana Sayed Hasnain Kararvi delivered a magnificent speech.
Renowned sub-continent poet Janab Raza Sirsavi was conferred Zainabia Award 2011 for his contribution to Urdu poetry and literature in memory of late Maulana Sayed Ghulam Hasnain Kararvi (TS).

Friday, November 4, 2011

Make your Mobile Phone a Travelling Microphone

In the Middle East, Israel has set up a cyber command to secure the country against hacking attacks on its key networks.
Israel's immediate neighbourhood is the place where it puts into use much of its technical know-how. 
Along its northern border with Lebanon, Israel deploys a large network of electronic eyes and ears.
And in the ongoing intelligence war between Israel and Lebanon's Hezbollah, increasingly sophisticated electronic equipment is being used.
In February 2010, Lebanon arrested a man who reportedly confessed to being a Mossad agent. It was claimed that he had used sophisticated surveillance equipment that sent signals to his Israeli handlers via a mobile phone and computer located in a hidden compartment inside his car.
It may all sound like science fiction, but a global spying network does exist that can eavesdrop on every single phone call and email on the planet.
Eavesdropping on phone calls and text messages has become increasing easy for those with the right equipment, especially with the development of GSM networks - the technology used on the vast majority of mobile phone networks around the world. Read Full

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Protesters shut down Port of Oakland in US

Protesting against economic inequality and corporate greed, the demonstrators on Wednesday joined a general strike and shut down operations at the Port of Oakland, Reuters reported.
The protesters noisily condemned police brutality at a recent 'Occupy Oakland' protest rally and blocked a major Oakland street.
Organizers of the rally had earlier announced their plan to shut down the Port of Oakland, which handles about $39 billion a year in imports and exports, as they geared up for a massive general strike.
“At this time, maritime operations are effectively shut down at the Port of Oakland. Maritime area operations will resume when it is safe and secure to do so,” port officials said in a statement.
Anti-Wall Street protesters also blocked the gates of the port and stood on top of container trucks stranded in the street.
Oakland 'Occupy' movement gained momentum after a former US Marine and a veteran of the US-led war on Iraq was badly wounded by a projectile fired by police during a rally last week. Read full Story


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