Friday, November 4, 2011

Make your Mobile Phone a Travelling Microphone

In the Middle East, Israel has set up a cyber command to secure the country against hacking attacks on its key networks.
Israel's immediate neighbourhood is the place where it puts into use much of its technical know-how. 
Along its northern border with Lebanon, Israel deploys a large network of electronic eyes and ears.
And in the ongoing intelligence war between Israel and Lebanon's Hezbollah, increasingly sophisticated electronic equipment is being used.
In February 2010, Lebanon arrested a man who reportedly confessed to being a Mossad agent. It was claimed that he had used sophisticated surveillance equipment that sent signals to his Israeli handlers via a mobile phone and computer located in a hidden compartment inside his car.
It may all sound like science fiction, but a global spying network does exist that can eavesdrop on every single phone call and email on the planet.
Eavesdropping on phone calls and text messages has become increasing easy for those with the right equipment, especially with the development of GSM networks - the technology used on the vast majority of mobile phone networks around the world. Read Full

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