Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Moon of Moharram 1433 A.H. has been Sighted

The new moon of the month of Moharram 1433 A.H. has been sighted in different cities of India.
Imam Husain (as), has said: 
"I am the martyr of tears, 
no man of faith remembers me but that he weeps."

Importance of Nauha and Marsiya on Imam Husain:
On another occasion, the poet Ja'far ibne Iffaan recited to our Imam al-Sadiq a poem on the tragedy of Kerbala. The Imam began to weep uncontrollably. He then addressed the poet in the following terms: 
"O Iffaan, do not think that it is only those whom you can see here are listening to your poetry. In fact Allah's closest angels are present here at this majlis and they are all listening to your recitation and they too lament and weep. May Allah bless you for what you have recited. He will, inshallah, reward you with paradise for your efforts on our behalf."

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