Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bahrain by the Numbers

RANNIE AMIRI has gathered this data in co-operation with Bahrain Center for Human Rights and other NGOs.

Population of Bahrain: 1.2 million
Number of citizens: 535,000
Percent of citizens who are Shia Muslim: 70
Percent of those in government: 13
Number of senior positions they fill in the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, the National Guard, the Supreme Defense Council and the Royal Court: Zero
Percent in the Ministry of Finance: 10
Percent in the Ministry of Information: Six
Percent in the judiciary corps: Five
Of the 1,000 National Security Apparatus employees, percent who are non-Bahraini: 64
Percent who are Shia Bahraini: Less than five
Of the 20,000 paramilitary Special Security Forces, percent who are non-Bahraini: 90
Percent who are Shia Bahraini: Zero
Number of elected Bahrainis from all sects who sit on the country’s all-powerful Shura Council: Zero
Day pro-democracy protests began in Bahrain as part of the Arab Spring: Feb. 14, 2011
People who took to the streets: 300,000
Proportional equivalent if Egyptians had done likewise: 40 million
Evidence that Iran instigated the demonstrations: Zero
Day Saudi Arabia invaded to put down the uprising: March 14, 2011
Number of Saudi, UAE and Qatari troops who arrived in armored vehicles: 1,500
People killed since Feb.14: 50
Fatalities as a result of teargas shot into residential homes or birdshot fired at close range: 30
Age of youngest victim: Five days
Arbitrary arrests: 1,500
Civilians sentenced by military courts: 208
Physicians sentenced for offering medical treatment to demonstrators: 20
Cumulative jail term levied: 2,500 years
Citizens currently accused of violating freedom of speech or assembly laws: 1,000
Documented cases of torture and ill-treatment since the revolt began: 1,866
Bahraini officials held responsible for killings or the systemic use of torture: Zero
Mosques destroyed: 40+
Journalists targeted: 90+
Workers fired for supporting, taking part, or suspected of having taken part in pro-democracy activities: 2,710
University students expelled for the same reasons: 477
Prisoners of conscience: 500
Where Bahrain ranks among countries with the highest number of political prisoners per capita: 1st
Proposed U.S. arms sales to Bahrain: $53 million
Years the al-Khalifa family has ruled Bahrain: 228
Days left in power: Numbered

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