Saturday, January 14, 2012

Get a Free Booklet of Ziyarat of Aashura and Arbaeen

Get a free booklet of Ziyarat of Aashura and Ziyarat of Arbaeen, collect a copy from Zainabia Imambada or Imambada Baaqirya in Mumbai-400003 after namaaz of Maghrabayn on Saturday 14th January 2012.
Both the Imambadas are hosting Majlis and shab bedaari at their venues.
The shab bedari will also be at Moghul Masjid, Imambada Haideri @ Yaqoob Gali and other places at South Bombay. Also in the western and  eastern suburbs of Bombay many Anjumans will be attending shab bedaaris to commemorate the Chehlum (fortieth day of martyrdom of Imam Husain (a.s.).
Those who want a soft copy on Pdf  can email us their name and email ID tomorrow morning.
The 32 page booklet is printed and published by Association of Imam Mahdi (a.s.).
For detail call on +91 22 23461019


Mohammed said...


at which ID to Email?

Razi Kararvi said...

mail at for the booklet.