Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Iran Today" Exhibition in Mumbai

An exhibition of Photographs about the Advancement and Progress titled "IRAN TODAY" was organised to celebrate the 33rd Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran for 4 days in Bandra, the queen of the suburbs of Mumbai. It was inaugurated yesterday by Mrs. Priya Dutt, Member of the Parliament.
This event will be till 20th February 2012. The photo exhibition is divided into 3 sections:
1. Technological Advancement and Urban and Rural Development of Iran.
2. Iranian Calligraphy.
3. Status of Women in Iran equal to that of men in the field of education, culture and politics.
The venue selected by the organisers is a wise move, as most of the previous such exhibitions were held in the South  of the city only. Now the suburbanites had this opportunity to look at Iran closely.
Mr. Hasan Mohammadi Hafshjani, a contemporary artist and an inventor of calligraphic works in Nast'aleeq is also at the Gallery to demonstrate his skill on request. I also made a request to pen for me "Ya Saahebaz Zamaan" to which he obliged.
The venue in Bandra is opposite Patwardhan Park, near National College at "7 Days Gallery."
Below is the video of the live calligraphy done by Mr. Hasan Mohammadi Hafshjani.

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