Friday, April 6, 2012

BBC Hardtalk interview with Nabeel Rajab

BBC Hardtalk interview with Nabeel Rajab.
The interviewer, Johnathan Sackur, continuously challenges Rajab and is openly dismissive of nearly everything he has to say.
Imagine if the Libyan or Syrian opposition were treated with only a fraction of this level of skepticism!
Rajab stands up to Sackur well but this degree of shilling for the Bahraini regime is really quite something."
It is not BBC Hardtalk it seems to be BBC Biastalk.
The talk was such a tough for BBC that it has put this note below this video on Youtube. " Adding comments has been disabled for this video.
It was a Hardtalk for BBC and not for Nabeel Rajab. ha ha.
See for yourself.

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