Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Attention: Shia Haajis from Mumbai and Thane

Shia Haajis returning after hitting the pebbles to the Satans in Mina 

Haajis who have filled the forms for performing the Hajj for the year 2012 through Hajj Committee and have been selected for the Hajj are requested to please contact on mobile 9920276708.
Please do not submit paid slip of Rs. 51,000/- and Passport to the Hajj Committee individually. The last date of submission is 11th June 2012. 
We have organised a Group of Shia Haajis to perform Hajj together.
All can be in the same Flight. 
Together to be in Meeqaat in Johfa. 
To be accommodated in one hotel in Makkah and Madina.
To be in the same tent in Arafat and Mina and 
To have a common Hajj Agent (Muallim).
By this way the Hajj will be easier to perform and in a correct manner. So please do contact immediately.  

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